Sunday Service from 10:30 to noon

What to expect

You will walk into the door and be welcomed by our family. We have hot coffee if you come a few minutes early, and need a little kick to start your day. Our Service usually starts with musical worship, where we sing a mix of newer and older songs in many different styles.

After the worship we have a time of teaching from the Bible followed by an opportunity to respond to what God is speaking to us.

How should I dress?

There’s no dress code, so come as you are and just wear what you’re comfortable in. If a robe with a beard was good enough for Jesus, it good enough for us! Of course some people do dress up, but there is no obligation.

What if I have never been to Church?

That is okay. Church is a family, and we welcome you as you are. There will never be an expectation for you to be a certain way. As a Church, we believe the only difference between us, and Non-Christian is that we have accepted God’s love for us. There is no sin bad enough to keep you from God, and we are no better then you, or anyone! God loves you, so we love you!

What if I don’t believe in God?

If someone can convince you to believe in God, someone can just as easily convince you not to. Believing in God takes Faith, and although we have strong arguments to prove God, there are also strong arguments against. We believe that in order for you to believe in God, you must experience His love. It sounds wishy washy, but come try our church out, or even just connect with our pastor and he can explain more.